Everyone Remain Calm – The Future is Bright

In November I wrote a blog post about my hair brained scheme to build a project that see’s primary school children learn about Coeliac Disease through ‘inclusivity’ sessions like the one Peggy held at her school last year (‘Food For All At School’ or is it just a daydream? ). The general gist of this idea is that, by learning about the issues of those who surround them, our children will move forward through life with the tools to build inclusive environments. After all, education changes lives.
As always, I remember being worried that I might look like a bit of an idiot when I pressed that ‘publish’ button and publicly announce this ‘thing’ that had been niggling in my mind for sometime. After all, I hadn’t really planned it properly, it was just an idea. I worried that in fact my old arch nemesis ‘self-doubt’ combined with a lethal double dose of sleep deprivation had led me to make a terrible mistake by ‘over-sharing’. I know, ‘moi’?!  The predictable happened – I doubted the plan. I figured it was too big for little old me to handle.
That was until I had the opportunity to meet a group of BA Graphics Students at my local college. I’d somehow managed to persuade their lecturer to consider using the project as a brief for students to design the branding for. Now I know, through my own experiences, that students can be a tough crowd to engage, and as I was introduced to the group I prayed to god that they wouldn’t find this dull and uninspiring and be counting down the minutes to a ‘snake bite and black’ down the local (or was that just us students off of the 90’s?!) Now I don’t know if these guys were really good at pretending to not be bored and uninspired, but the welcome I received was amazing! They listened to our story – from diagnosis to now.  They asked questions, voiced some initial thoughts and ideas around branding and graphics to engage kids and I left feeling that, with these young people as the next generation of visionaries, there might just be hope for us all! And throughout the introduction session I’d reminded myself why this was a bloody great idea!
A few weeks later they presented their ‘pitches’ to me. Like true professionals of their field, they stood, powerpoint remote in hand, and spoke about the thought process behind the branding designs. The research they had undertaken included investigating what kids were ‘in to’ now, looking at other learning materials used in schools/restaurants and some initial sketches of ideas. Their ‘final’ branding designs were each unique and the visual examples of their ideas placed on word searches, aprons and web site mock up’s showed me the scope for how the text and colour scheme could be used in both digital and physical outcomes. They patiently listened to my thoughts (mainly ‘this is bloody amazing’!) and answered any questions I had with informed responses.
Now this is the tricky bit – I’m supposed to choose a design to take forward. I can’t do it. I see potential in them all and, without wanting to sound like Tess and Claudia from prime time Saturday night telly, “We wish we could take you all into next weeks show, but unfortunately there can only be one winner”. So I’m asking you. The people who have followed this project from my initial ‘bearing my sole’ blog post. What do you think? I know that your constructive feedback will be invaluable to these graphic designers of the future as well as helping to push this project forward and it would be great if you could let me know which one is your favourite and include a few words as to why.  They are labelled A – D below.
So regardless of these crazy political times we find ourselves in, everyone remain calm, with these young people at the helm the future looks bright.
A; as_ffaas_screenshot
B; cwp-ffaas screenshot

C; sw_ffaas_screenshot

D; tk_ffaas_screenshot

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