“Will we ever eat out again?”  My reaction to the somber deivery from our GP that Peggys recent blood test revealed Coeliac Disease.  An upsetting diagnosis for any 5 year olds’ Mum, but this felt overwhelming for me.  You see my Husband, Chris, has Crohns Disease and is on a low fiber diet.  How the hell was I, the frozen chip queen, going to juggle multiple dietary requirements under one roof?!  Over 1 year on and guess what……we’re doing it!  I’ve managed to keep them alive and, whats more, we’re rather enjoying our adventures into the free-from world!  I’m by no means Nigella Lawson, in fact aprox. 50% of my recipes and bakes are dismissed by the most harsh of food critics (Reggie, the 2 year old with a love of launching mash potato at the patio doors) but god loves a trier and a trier I am!  This blog logs the trials and tribulations of life with a family with dietary needs; holiday disasters, managing a social calendar to rival Paris Hilton’s (Peggys, not mine), products we love, places we’ve eaten, family favourite recipes and managing the school experience.


We’re based in Yorkshire, UK and  have worked with brands like Asda to promote inclusive eating.  If you would like to work with me/us please check out the Work with me! page and scroll down for links to our social media account so you can see for yourself what we’re all about.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us!

Becky, Chris, Peggy and Reg O’Leary xx