Gluten-free for a week

Tuesday 25th September 2018. A year since Peggys diagnosis of Coeliac Disease. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things recently (mainly cake thanks to GBBO) but also reflecting upon how much the food landscape has changed in the past 12 months since diagnosis. The free-from aisles seem longer, restaurant menus have gluten-free options (and sometimes more than one!), gluten-free recipes pop up in my … Continue reading Gluten-free for a week

Gluten and Dairy Free Chocolate Courgette Cake

It would be crazy for me to label this recipe as a ‘family favourite’ because the reality is that I’m the only one in our family who likes it (Reggie licks off the icing and launches the rest across the table, Peggy hates the hazelnuts and Chris thinks the dark chocolate is what ruined his stomach last week!) But I’ve had some requests for the … Continue reading Gluten and Dairy Free Chocolate Courgette Cake

How To Holiday with a Crohns Warrior and Little Coeliac

July 2013 we went to ‘Span-Ugal’ (flew into Portugal and transferred over to a resort in Sothern Spain).  Our first family holiday abroad.  Bearing in mind that me and Chris met in August 2010 and Peggy was born in March 2012, we hadn’t had a holiday abroad as a couple either so this was new territory.   I believed (stupidly) that having a baby would … Continue reading How To Holiday with a Crohns Warrior and Little Coeliac

Little Coeliacs at School

It’s finally here.  After counting down the sleeps the Summer holidays are in sniffing distance.  Year 1 will be remembered for being the year she lost her first tooth, learnt to tell the time, was ‘Narrator 11’ in the nativity, discovered ‘Horrid Henry’ books had words like ‘Bogey’ and ‘Poo’ in them (so started to read herself to sleep at night), wrote her first story, … Continue reading Little Coeliacs at School

5 Tips to Avoid Cross Contamination

I love food.  I love new tastes, textures, combinations of flavours, restaurants, cafes, Deli’s, local produce and foods from around the world.  But what I love most are the social interactions that happen around food.  Memories from childhood are scattered with events and activities in which (1984) food features; birthday parties with cheese and pineapples on sticks, the time we went to France and Dad … Continue reading 5 Tips to Avoid Cross Contamination

To; The Man at the Cake Stall

To; The Man at the Cake Stall   It’s not your fault.  You didn’t know the conversation I’d had with her on the 20 second walk from the coconut shy to the cake marquee.    Peg; “Mummy, can I have a cake?”   Me; “Well, theres every chance they won’t have a gluten free cake here love” cue frantic glance around the remaining stalls hoping … Continue reading To; The Man at the Cake Stall

Sorry, But There’s A Chance We Won’t Make It

  Peg’s Christening 2012 Last week I was off sick with tonsillitis.  A whole 5 days of laying in bed watching Netflix inbetween sleeping, eating ice cream and generally moaning A LOT about how crappy I felt.  I get really annoyed and frustrated when I’m poorly about all the things I wanted to do but can’t. But last week I was on turbo whingy mood … Continue reading Sorry, But There’s A Chance We Won’t Make It

Coeliac Disease – ‘ave it yer b**tard!

Blood tests, Peter Rabbit and Oasis, a terrifying insight into the inner workings of my mind   Today has been a big day.  6 months after the official diagnosis of Coeliac Disease Peggy had bloods taken at hospital to check if the gluten free diet had brought her gluten levels down.  I’ve been nervous about it for a few weeks but didn’t mention it to … Continue reading Coeliac Disease – ‘ave it yer b**tard!